Seeking 8 Asian Participants for Online Written Study($300)

Hi everyone,

Hope all is well.

We will have an online study with business owners/CEO/presidents of color.

In that regard, we are seeking 8 Asian participants as described below:

1. Aged between 30 and 60 y.o.
2. Has a business with annual revenue between $250K to 2 Million
3. Has run a business for over 2 years as a main & sole income source
4. Pre-tax annual household income equal to or less than 200K
5. Been applied for a Business loan (either rejected or approved)
6. Needs to be a sole or shared decision-maker in terms of business operations
7. Primary language used in business needs to be English
8. Needs to have a business of the following industries:
Retail, Technology, Manufacturing, Wholesaling, Automotive, Healthcare, Health & Beauty
Fitness, Restaurant, Hotel, Law, Accounting, Child Care, or ElderCare

This is an online written survey for about 45 minutes within the given time frame (between Sept. 19th till 21st).

Upon completion, the client will select 3 participants out of the cohort to invite to the next phase of the interview survey.
(1-hour one-on-one interview: $150).

If you are interested, please reply with your name, phone number, ethnic group, and the best time window for the phone sign-up.

Thank you, and we look forward to your responses (Once the recruiting is completed, this post will be removed).

Kind regards,
Grace, AP Research

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by monicakcr
09/13/21 @01:13 pm

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