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Portland Metro Area! Bluefin Tuna & Sushi is a Japanese Restaurant near Lloyd District and Irvington Historical District. We are located in NE Broadway with lots of foot and car traffic. The community that are restaurant is located is a prime location.

Bluefin Tuna & Sushi started as Bluefin Tuna in Seoul, South Korea in 2011. We wanted to share the Asian experience and bring it to the States. Our head master sushi chef operated the Bluefin Tuna in Korea from the beginning and has many years of experience with Japanese cuisine, in Japan and in Korea.

We are looking for a new enthusiastic sushi chef who has some experience making sushi and is able to also work in the kitchen. Being bilingual in English and Korean is a plus, since our master chef is Korean, but we are open to any individual that has the passion to learn. An individual must have some knowledge in basic sushi menu, such as name of different fish, common rolls, common cold and hot food from kitchen, and how to prepare ingredients. He or she must have the willingness to learn and be willing to take constructive feedback. We pride ourselves on excellent quality and service and expect our employees to provide the same service to our customers.

All hours are available!

Please submit your resume to


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