Nanny for 2 kids

Nannies, we are looking for a long term full time nanny in Gresham starting in mid September for our 5.5 yr old son and 3 yr old daughter. We need flexible days and times per the nature of our jobs, quite a unique position. We will also need 1-3 overnights a week but not necessarily every week. Your monthly schedule will be provided by the 26th the month prior and your days off are yours. We can provide benefits if needed and looking for something in the $20-25/hr depending on your qualifications estimating only about 30 hrs/wk, guaranteeing 120 hours a month. We plan to pay 2x a month over the table via direct deposit. Bonus if you are fluent in another language and have a background in childhood education. Must have your own reliable transportation.

We would also like light housekeeping duties, and assisting with homeschooling kindergarden with our oldest (guidance will be given and I will be doing the bulk of it when I am home). Our family loves the outdoors, camping, hiking, fishing, gardening, montesorri based learning, outdoor/forest school. We try and eat from scratch, organic/free range when possible but we also love indulging on treats and aren't super restrictive. We also try to minimize screen time and enjoy our family dinners. You must love camping as you may be joining us on trips if the schedule allows.

You can email me a resume or qualifications at

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by Michelle L
09/01/19 @06:07 pm

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